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22 year old Joslyn needs constant reassurance. She doesn_t like her boobs, or pussy (she does have a pet name for it), and judging by her fake tan, nails, and hair, it_s safe to say this girl is looking to be reborn in some way. She says she is here today - her first time in front of a camera - to help pay her tuition, and for gas money. But as we get to know her more I think she is hoping to build her self esteem. This may take some time in her case. You see how hungry she is for compliments when we talk about her life while she gets ready in the bathroom, and more so when we take pictures. Clearly Joslyn is not a pornstar or aspires to be one - she just wants to be desired. To make matters worse for her, Joslyn is not the brightest crayon in the box. Getting gigantic tats at 15 are one tip-off to this fact, and so is having to repeat myself when I ask her questions. She is nervous and her mind is elsewhere for a parts of our interview. I_m determined to bring her back to planet earth and at least let her leave with an orgasm or two. Speaking of, Joslyn_s favorite sex toy in her personal life is the Rabbit. She doesn_t have it anymore so I_m more than happy to bring it into the shoot to help her cum. And cum she does - I have Joslyn masturbate with the vibrator and she has an honest to goodness orgasm with it. I pull her hair a little as she cums and it_s the most unpretentious, real, and sexy orgasm a girl can have on camera. She quivers and shakes when she cums, then pulls her legs to her body before pulling out the pussy juice soaked vibrator. Recovering from an orgasm, Joslyn tries to cum again as I lick her ass and play with her pussy while she is positioned belly-down on the bed. She concentrates and tries to let go, but she can_t. She_s at a porn shoot and she is worried about her looks, her finances, her school, and it seems she almost feels guilty for having had a real orgasm just a few minutes earlier. A girl is not supposed to enjoy herself when she fucks on camera, she seems to think. I switch gears and have her demonstrate her blowjob skills on me. She needs to concentrate while she sucks my cock and after a few minutes she seems to remember how to do it right. It_s been a while for her, I guess. She gets good real fast, too inense, I think - if she keeps this up I_m going to blow early. I make Joslyn bend over the bed end bench and fuck her doggy style. Joslyn may have made a lot of bad choices but she is smart enough to ask me to use a condom. Looking at her c-section scar I_m thinking that using birth control with her is probably a wise choice. Joslyn emotionally migrates between really getting into being fucked by a stranger on cam, to being utterly confused about why she is here. She tries to hold back her enjoyment, as if she is punishing herself for something. She moans and I can feel her pussy juice up, then seconds later she seems to be almost ashamed of getting naughty like that. She gives her best when I have her ride me, but in the end she says she sucks at cowgirl and that she hates it. Her pussy juices up and grips my cock tightly while she is on top so I know she is lying. What Joslyn is not lying about is how much she hates cum on her face. She has never had a facial so how would she know, right? Well, now she does - and we have the funniest cum facial footage that only confirms her disgust with cum. Unfortunately for her I unleash the longest cumshot in history over her hair, face, eyes, and mouth. It seems like I_m cummming forever. Her facial expressions range from absolute horror and disgust to shock and back to horror again. She tries to dodge some of the jizz but since I_m straddled over her head she can_t move. After what seems to be an eternity she literally runs to the shower. I_ve rarely seen a girl be so horrified by cum on her face. It would be sad if it wasn_t so funny. She declines any exit interview as she scrubs her face under hot water. Enjoy Joslyn_s video because it_ll be the last time you_ll ever see this girl.
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