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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Jesse - POV

If I could bottle up the energy that Jesse possesses I could power my house for a week All I could think of as I talked to this 18 year old freshman from the University of Pittsburgh was, Me love you long time, Joe LOL I had just watched a Vietnam War movie, and she reminded me of the streetwalkers in Bangkok that were way too happy and giggly, wanting to please the G.I._s in every way possible. Jesse is originally from California and begged her traditionally strict Asian parents to let her go back East to school to get away from their unreasonable rules as she put it. If they only new she liked non-Asian boys, they would whip her ass Hell, they will probably beat her when they see her sucking my cock and getting the cuteness fucked right out of her What else do you expect, when a sexually frustrated girl that has been sheltered all her life suddenly gets a flood of freedom? Explore her sexuality on film of course and fuck guys that will piss her parents off I don_t get too many Asian girls that want to do this. I guess its true what they say: Asians are smarter all Asians except Jesse that is, LOL I want to have fun and be a naughty girl, I hate how everyone thinks I am so good? Well she sucked my cock good and I had a lot of fun stripping this Asian girl of her respect and wholesomeness. She loved me long time Yes she did Enjoy - Steve
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