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If all girls in Florida are even half as fun as Jaclin then I_m moving there right now. Brothers, this chick is a fucking riot Don_t let those glasses fool you - yes, Jaclin is indeed very smart but also one of the most sex crazed little _ I_ve encountered yet. A freshman ITT Tech student, Jaclin is a rare combo of beauty and brains. We are actually having great (*gasp*) conversations while she is getting ready. Let_s just say she is not shy about anything in her personal life at all. You_ll laugh your ass off when you hear her story about getting caught at the airport with her dildo earlier (), and you_ll want to take notice when she reveals what (not) to do when you are trying to pick up a girl. She played football () in High School and likes sex to be a little rough (check). She_s capable of stringing two sentences together that actually make sense so that alone makes her one of this year_s top girls. Jaclin is not the easy type of girl, but once you get her, all hell breaks loose. And I mean that in the best way possible. Despite having a great personality, Jaclin is also one of the most enthusiastic lays imaginable. I mean the girl loooooves to suck cock and fuck. She has at least one orgasm she admits to during the whole thing (you_ll know when...) and her cock sucking skills are downright evil. Don_t feel bad if you pop your load early during the POV BJ parts because I had to fight hard to not shoot off early myself. Usually I dislike the phrase but in her case I have to say her body is made for sex. In fact, just thinking about her ridiculously tight body gets me hard again now. I honestly had a lot of fun with Jaclin and I know you will too. Lots of great new stuff in this video again, be sure to download the whole thing (yes I know, it_s long worth it though) to really get the full Jaclin experience.
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