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Ivy is quite nervous today, and she should be. As we make her try on the different panties she brought with her for the photo shoot she must be thinking why the hell did I agree to do this? - and I wonder that too. Ivy is about as girl-next-door as it gets. She comes from a good but strict home (ah There_s a clue...), wants to study psychology, is smart and well-spoken, and other than a little playing around at parties, Ivy stays faithful to her boyfriend(). So why did she decide to do her first (and last?) porno today? No idea, honestly. Money, I guess, but there_s usually more to it. Maybe it_s her way to gauge her attractiveness to the world, or maybe she_s trying to do a psych profile on guys who shoot porn in their spare time. Or both. Either way, here she is, demonstrating her panties for us while pretending this is all normal to her. We choose a pair (like it really matters) and I take the pictures. That_s always fun because you get to see the newbieness of the girls. She doesn_t quite know how to pose or what looks good in a photo, but she learns quickly and enjoys the attention. You can see that Ivy is already getting wet (check out the pics), always a good sign. Considering how shy and nervous she is, Ivy reveals quite a lot about herself during the interview. She_s surprisingly open and sexual, but nothing really out of the ordinary for a college girl her age. She admits to masturbating at home with vibrators and that_s Jay_s clue to bring out the first toy to see if she can lose herself enough to cum on camera. Almost immediately after putting the vibrator in her, Ivy starts creaming up and she all but forgets about the cameras. It gets more intense when Jay introduces her tight pussy to an arm-long dildo - watch how intently she concentrates on cumming. Very hot. The BJ is where it becomes clear that Ivy isn_t exactly a seasoned pornstar. She carefully sucks Jay_s cock, almost as if she_s afraid to break it. At one point he tries to deepthroat her a little. Doesn_t go too well for poor Ivy, LOL. A girl can always get up and leave so you don_t want to push her too hard at this point. You want to find a middle ground between enjoyable rough sex that just pushes her comfort zone a little bit, and the red zone. Jay finds this spot perfectly when he fucks Ivy hard on the bed and puts his hand around her neck. At first Ivy_s facial expression reveal her initial anxiety about that, but it quickly dissolves into pleasure and she just enjoys the hard fucking. Ivy_s comfort zone gets pushed quite a bit today actually. She probably didn_t expect all the stuff Jay makes her do, but as long as she gets to cum a few times while she_s doing it, it_s all good. Speaking of cum: OMG. I swear to you Jay_s cumshot isn_t fancy Hollywood CGI, this dude really does shoot jizz by the bucket load. Unfortunately for Ivy, it all goes on her face and - dismay - her hair. The look on her face when Jay shoots one cum load after another... after another... after another... over her is priceless. She can_t believe a man can cum that much. Neither did I. But the proof_s in the pudding (or her hair, in this case). Ivy did well today. There isn_t anything ultra-hardcore here but for a normal girl like Ivy, this is probably about the most intense things she has done - or will ever do. Next time you see her will probably be on Psychology Today as a guest writer or something. I doubt this one will become a pro whore in the jizz bizz. But then again, who knows with these girls these days, right?
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