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19 year old Hanna is a complete attention whore, and will say and do the craziest things to make sure you notice her. She claims she once made her sister suck her boyfriend_s cock and now she wants to see them fuck. That_s what this girl opens up with and I know this is gonna be a great ride to the hotel. Sure enough, Hanna pulls her tits out totally unprompted as she goes on how much of a nympho she is (true), and doesn_t give it a second thought when I ask her to suck me off or fuck me in the parking lot. She wants to keep banging but I can_t shoot the whole thing in my car, so we head over to the location and really get things started. Hanna reveals more about her crazy sex life and tells us she can cum from Whatever..., and that she loves anal sex. With that in mind, I pull out a vibrator and dildo and go to work on her, and she_s eager to help. She cums 2-3 times, and then shows us her pussy juice soaked fingers as proof. I_m prepping her to fuck her in the ass later, so after using a small dildo in her naughty hole and a vibe on her clit, I switch to the larger dildo for her ass, eventually urging me to pound her ass with it until she cums again. When I interview Hanna about her sex life she seems a little shy, but doesn_t hold back. From all girl orgies to fucking in public in any and all locations, she_s pretty adventurous which is probably how she ended up on the site. In an ECG first, Hanna has actually bought brand new lingerie for the shoot. Which fits her amazingly well for the 4 minutes she actually wears it. But, kudos, Hanna, it looks great in a pile on the floor Once she gets naked she gets a lot more comfortable, though. Now it_s my time to get some, and after another round of grade A cock sucking, I decide to push this little whore as far as I can: I want her to give me a rimjob. She refuses. I coax her into licking my balls, then guide her, Lower...lower...keep going...lower. But in the end I have to offer her a little extra cash to seal the deal. This loudmouth teen clearly wasn_t expecting this. Boundaries pushed? Abso-fucking-lutely. And I_m not done yet. Rock hard by now, I want to attack that pussy so I have Hanna climb on for some hard reverse cowgirl banging, which she loves so much she cums yet again. This girl really knows how to fuck, I flip her over on her back and get back in her and she urges me on. Rough, hard fucking, choking the way she likes it...it_s awesome. Now at this point I_m ready to take her up on the anal thing... but she flat out refuses. Turns out Hannah talks a good game but when it comes down to it she_s just another scared little slut who_s in over her head with this porn thing. Too bad, she_s got a great little starfish that_s just begging to be fucked. After the buzzkill of being denied anal access, I really need to get back into it to deliver this girl the facial she deserves, so I grab her ass and fuck her as hard as I can manage in doggy. I grab a handful of her hair and punish her pussy. She doesn_t complain, she just begs for my cum, so who am I to deny her? I put her on the floor and paint her face with a gallon of Jay Juice. Aside from being a tease about loving anal, Hanna turned out to be a damn good fuck. With her enthusiasm and nymphomania, I suspect that while this is her first adult video, it won_t be her last. In fact she says as much as she pees during our little exit interview. She_ll definitely shoot more porn in the future. Just remember: ECG ruined her first ***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER Simply click the WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW link or click the play button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android) *** ***If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE link and select Save As (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
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