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It seems like we_ve been going through a big run of 20 year old ASU girls recently. If I had to guess I_d say that it_s one of two things - either the economic recovery still hasn_t hit Tempe OR there was a tuition hike this year. Either way, open minded blonde sophomores are good news for us and that translates into good news for you. And by news I mean fapping.And, sidenote, second week in a row we_ve had a girl with magically perfect B cup tits which is weird because I_m a fanatic for big, jiggly C or D cups, but lately? The B cups girls have been doing it for me. What really does it for me , as you know by now is watching a girl masturbate for me and I know I_m in for a treat when I pull Haily_s black panties off and see a meaty, shaved pink pussy which I cannot wait to get my hands on. Despite some solid fingering she doesn_t quite get there, which I see as a challenge, not a failure and an excuse to step up to the gigantic double ended dildo that I_ve brought.There_s no doubt Haily loves getting banged by the big blue monster, but when I have her lick it clean I can tell by her technique that she_s a talented cocksucker so I get her on her knees and have her start working on mine. She takes to it and slurps and sucks like she might have had a hand in inventing the blowjob. She tries to take my whole dick down her throat but can_t quite manage so I have her lay down on her back and hang her head over the edge of the bed so I can throat fuck her. She relaxes a bit and lets me get as much of my dick in there as I can. I_d say if we go to the tape she takes all but about the last inch. And as they say in Texas, if it ain_t deep throat it_ll do until deep throat comes along.Haily_s pussy is still wet from the pounding I gave her with the dildo earlier, so when I throw her on her back to fuck her, I slide right in. By the noises she_s making, it feels damn good on her end so I give her the whole thing. This girl has got one hungry pussy, you can see from the handheld shots that she_s taking my entire cock and loving it. She gets so carried away from the drilling I_m giving her that she lets me fuck her pussy until it_s sore. And I mean SORE.(Sorry) I let her take a break and she offers to finish me off with more of her amazing oral - an offer I gladly accept. She gets back to it and before long I can feel an ECG worthy load ready to erupt and in a little bit of genius, I have her spread her ass so I can paint her asshole with cum. I swear sometimes I am an artist.To finish up my master piece I shove my cum into Haily_s gaping asshole, to which she shakes her head in protest at first until she realizes I do what I want with her anyway. Owned, girl, owned Anyway, that_s Haily. Blonde, slim, leggy, perfect B cups, obviously an exhibitionist. She explains early in the shoot that watching guys jack off is a huge turn on for her and you can tell that she_s into it by the way she eye fucks the camera through the entire shoot. At a couple of points when I_m drilling her she_s staring directly into the camera as if to say, Do you like that? Do you like watching me get fucked like a little slut? Answer? Hell yes.
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