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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Evangeline - POV

19 year old Evangeline is a beautiful Costa Rican girl on her way back from California to Michigan were she will attend Michigan State after taking off a semester. When she gets back to Michigan she will take care of her grandmother who would roll over and die if she knew what her precious little grand daughter was doing to help pay the bills. After working at KFC, and Subway during school and struggling to pay her bills, she went to California in hopes of bettering her situation. Like so many dumb and naive girls have done before her, she soon found out that money does not grow on trees and she is going to have to disregard her morals in order to get ahead. Well I did my part to help her out, taking full advantage of her innocence and naive nature to exploit her natural resources When I asked her what she likes to do during her spare time, this little homebody likes to stay in and listen to Country and Classic Rock music. Once at her receptionist job in California, her boss was listening to Pink Floyd and she ask Is he still alive? confirming that beauty and brains rarely go together. Lucky for me, and you, she was not smart enough to keep her clothes on when the camera is rolling. Enjoy watching, I enjoyed exploiting -Steve
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