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Eleanor likes to make goofy faces at the cameras, has Personality Plus, and hates sex. Nah, I_m kidding about the last part, just checking if you_re paying attention. In fact, Eleanor is not getting enough at home from her oversized boyfriend (who supposedly knows what she_s doing today), as she hints numerous times when we chat. Speaking of chat, I just love getting a girl topless in my car during my little interview sessions. I always keep an eye on the clock to see how fast these little _ flash their titties after meeting me. Eleanor doesn_t disappoint and reveals one of the nicest set of all natural fun bags I_ve seen in a long time. She_s nervous about getting caught which just makes it even more fun for me. But she_s bubbly and talkative, and you_ll immediately like her. As you_ll gather quickly, Eleanor is just getting started exploring her sexual side. She is not one of those ultra slutty coeds who fuck (or claim they fuck) everything that breathes. She_s not the type I_d expect to ever fly out to me to get fucked on camera. Hooray for boyfriends with low sex drives, I guess, LOL. Now, I could sit here and write two pages about how great Eleanor_s body is, especially her tits and ass. Oh and those legs. But you_ll see all that for yourself. Let me just say: wow The girl is tight, has the perfect skin (Puerto Rican heritage, she says), and instantly got me hard when I took the photos. I_m hurrying through the pix because I just cannot wait to stick my tongue in that perfect little pussy of hers. Just as I_m about to get ready with the real action there_s this goddamn car alarm going off outside our room. I try to play it off at first but after a while I just can_t stand it anymore. Before I can fully concentrate and enjoy that perfect little Cal State Fullerton pussy, I decide to switch rooms. I like the only noise to be the moaning of those little _, you know? Now in a much more peaceful environment, Eleanor is all mine. The first thing I do is have her get naked and let me explore her at my pace. I finally get to stick my tongue in her little snatch...and it_s what crack must be like - I can_t get enough of it. And neither can she, as her facial expressions tell you. She_s not exactly hating it. After thoroughly licking and tasting her pussy and ass, I still don_t have enough. I make her get into the 69 position with me and it_s fucking amazing. She sucks my cock while I get to taste more of that increasingly juicy snatch of hers. I have two of the cameras on her face so you see her suck and enjoy the pussy licking from the best angles. The little noises and facial expressions she makes are priceless. She_s also never had her ass licked before, something I remedy immediately. She_s weirded out at first but after a little while seems to really enjoy it. One of the cameras is on her face during all this, you be the judge. The more I do to her the more I realize this girl is really just not getting enough at home. After enjoying the Rabbit in her, Eleanor cums several times while I fuck her. She goes certifiably nuts when I bang her doggy style (good close-up footage in this one, by the way). I_m afraid hotel management is going to knock on our door any moment, that_s how loud Eleanor screams and moans. And it_s not that fake look at me screaming, either. Just watch it and you_ll know what I mean. She can barely speak at one point, except to point out how deep and good the cock feels in her. There_s nothing like a girl_s wet pussy convulse around your cock as she cums, is there? Eleanor said earlier one of her favorite things to do is play with a guy_s balls, and when she rides my cock (OMG) she does something practically no other girl ever does - she lightly shakes my balls toward her, as if trying to milk the cum out of my cock and into her pussy. I have to say it almost worked. Since I don_t want any little Steves running around I make her get off and blow me some more. This time it_s almost all POV (no, I didn_t forget about you POV lovers LOL). Get your tissues ready because if none of what she did before made you cum, seeing her eyes look up at you while she sucks cock surely will. After close to an hour and a half of fucking and pussy licking and whatnot, it_s time for me to unload my jizz on Eleanor_s face. Surprisingly she_s not jerking away or doing any of the stuff I expected a good girl like her to do. This girl REALLY loves all things sex. I_m pretty sure she got enough of it today too. She came several times and is visibly spent at the end. After experiencing how exciting sex can be I wonder how this boyfriend thing is going to pan out for her. I think I_ll change my number to avoid any angry calls coming from a certain city in California soon....
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