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Embrace today_s exploited college girl because it_ll probably be the last time you_ll ever see Domenique on video again. It_s definitely her first. Domenique doesn_t usually whore around at all. She focuses on school, dresses in Hello Kitty-type outfits to avoid being hit on by guys (and if that doesn_t help she ignores them), and says if anyone in her family ever saw her ECG movie, nobody would believe it_s her because she is known to be the quiet, good-girl type. What they don_t know is that Domenique does anything to get off, including meeting a stranger (me) in a hotel room to get fucked. She never even asked about money. Hell, she brought her own vibrator to the shoot, a buzzing beast of a cum assistant she takes with her on the road for the occasional, shall we say, rush hour relief (). I think by landing Domenique I hit the jackpot. As you know, I like me some exotic beauties every once in a while. I don_t get nearly enough hotties with a perpetual tan to answer my ads, and when Domenique sent me a picture of hers (fully clothed because she doesn_t do the nude attention whore thing), I knew I had to have her. As luck would have it, she is attending University of Arizona down in Tucson, only about two hours away from me. In fact, she is skipping class today to get banged. I don_t think her strict, foreign parents had this in mind when they enrolled her last year. You_ll have to watch the movie to find out Domenique_s heritage. I manage to turn on the cameras just before Domenique knocks on my hotel room door. She steps inside, teen clothes and sunny disposition and all, and from that point forward I can_t keep my hands off of her - and she doesn_t seem to mind at all. As she is picking out clothes I get to see her naked for the first time (instant boner) and we find out about her life, likes, and dislikes. Most of it is fairly unsurprising, but when she whips out that vibrator I know this girl is gonna be a lot of fun. When she tries on her tiny panties, her perfect round ass pretty much commands me to hurry the hell up and get this girl on my cock as soon as possible. So after I speed through doing the photos I get her on the bed, where she asks me to see my collection of sex toys, and she takes a liking to the Rabbit (of course). We_ll come back to that later, but first I take my sweet time thoroughly exploring Domenique_s tight little physique in detail. Up until now Domenique was all about smiles and polite chatter, but with just a few nibbles on her nipples, and my fingers in her pussy, her face expresses the pure pleasure she feels, and it confirms to me that she_s not had a man in a really long time. She enjoys having her ass licked, which is another first for her. I love firsts. But getting her pussy licked is definitely one of her favorites, as you can tell from her squirming and moaning while I do it. I know Domenique_s primary motivation to show up was to get cock, but since she_s into using vibrators on herself I figure it_s time to let the Rabbit do its magic. Brothers, I tell you, if you_re unsure what to get your girl, get a Rabbit. It_s almost guaranteed to get the girl off. Like so many times before, Domenique is surprised how fast the thing works on her. While I have her suck my cock, she actually has to remove the Rabbit for a few seconds so that she doesn_t cum early. Now, that_s what I call discipline. I gather she wants her big O to be as intense as possible. You_ll see how intense in a little bit... Okay I_m starting to run out of space here so I_m not going to walk you through every second of the shoot. Let me just point out some highlights. Like...fucking all of it I mean, Domenique is really enjoying getting laid, her pussy wraps around my cock like it_s trying to pull me completely inside her, she throws her long legs all over the place, and even takes the camera a few times to film herself getting fucked. Matter of fact, while she rides me cowgirl style, Domenique has her biggest orgasms, and her pussy spasms are so strong that it literally milks the cum out of me. I can barely pull out quick enough to spray my jizz over her pussy. The POV cam was placed in front of her so you can see her pussy get fucked really up-close, so when I_m done cumming on her, Domenique grabs the camcorder and shows you all that cum smeared around her pussy, clit, and thighs. Given how un-slutty (is that even a word?) Domenique normally is I_m shocked when she doesn_t take a shower to clean off all that cum before she heads home. Instead, she wipes off some of the sweat from her face, puts on her favorite teen clothes, tells me some stuff from her High School days I was supposed to cut out of the movie (hehehe), and then gets ready to drive back for dinner with her parents. She says she doesn_t want to clean off the sex smell because she_s not gotten any in a long time. Okay I understand - but *I* can smell the cum and sweat on her. I_m sure dinner with the folks is going to be an interesting experience tonight. Well, that makes two. Enjoy - Steve
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