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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Daphne - POV

***ALL-POV VERSION*** Oh you just know I just can_t be nice to this one. Sure I_ll feed her my usual bullshit about how cute she is while holding my gag reflex in check, but in the end that face just has got to be slapped while she_s getting fucked. I told Daphne before shooting she_ll only get in front of my cameras if I get to fuck her ass and, desperate for money and, more importantly, attention, she agreed. And boy do I fuck her asshole sore in this one She_s on the verge of tears the entire time my cock is stretching her ass and there_s lots of whimpering and whining. Excellent. Because that_s the fucking price of admission to get into porn when you look like birds are gonna start nesting in your hair at any moment. To Daphne_s credit, she is up to everything I wanted her to do. Check out the BTS video too to see what I mean. Does she lick my ass? Oh fuck yes she does. I would_ve kicked her ass out of my room if she didn_t. Ass to mouth? You betcha Slapped, choked, and deep throated? Check Cum on her face and in her mouth? Done This one_s got it all brothers so grab your tissues and make it a good one...
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