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I have wanted to shoot some Euro girls for a while now, so when 19-year-old Danica from the University of Illinois called me, I jumped at the opportunity to broaden my exploitations to some overseas girls. As you can imagine, Danica is much more confident and open sexually being of Danish heritage. As I interviewed her on the phone she stated she likes to party and go to raves, she even stated that she started masturbating in the 6th grade Once at a high school rave, Danica and a girlfriend went dressed in body paint and shorts only, capturing all the attention this whore could handle As you can imagine, this college party girl is also a handful for her parents. She is constantly being told by her mom to not lay out nude in the back yard when she is home on break. Well, if her parents were concerned about their daughter before, they have a lot more to be concerned about now that I got a hold of her Look what I am doing now, mom? Cheers everyone, Steve.
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