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I could lead in here with the fact that 19 year old Crystal attends Brigham Young University in Utah and is a rebellious Mormon girl who is here because she wants to make it clear to her parents that she is no longer interested in being part of the religion. She loves sex, loves to cum, and she is tired of trying to hide her true self. I could also try to jump on today_s zeitgeist and somehow sneak the name Mitt Romney in here, you know, her being a Mormon too, and all. But those are all cheap shots. She is shy enough as it is and doesn_t want to talk about that part of her life at all. So instead I share with you one of the many secret ways I use to gauge a girl_s personality before she ever opens her mouth: Crystal has the green organ donor sticker on her ID. Why does that matter? You see, to be an organ donor you have to opt in. Meaning, you gotta check a box on your drivers license application stating clearly that you consent to this should something happen to you. Most people don_t bother with this. So a girl who has that kind of a mindest - being willing to literally give her heart to strangers in order to help - probably is a born pleaser. And you know what? Theory confirmed - during the interview with Jay, Crystal states that she indeed likes to please. The man_s pleasure is her pleasure, too. But she_s got a naughty side too. Crystal also confesses that she sucked her girlfriends_ boyfriend_s cock at one time. And that she has given a guy a rimjob before because she - again - likes to please. Jay_s ears perk up when she says that and you can be sure he will take full advantage of Crystal_s tendencies. But let me be clear on that: while Crystal does everything we could possibly want, she also has the time of her life. She cums a lot. And it_s a very visual and audible event every time she does LOL. Her pussy juices and contractions and her very intense facial expressions when she orgasms leave no doubt that this Mormon girl belongs on a porn set, not in a temple. It_s hot watching a previously sheltered girl like that get fucked hard and fish-hooked during doggy, and loving it I would say we spoilt her but then again, she knew fully well what_s going to happen here today when she showed up. Maybe she didn_t expect to cum so hard and so often, and maybe she didn_t expect some of the things she was asked to do, and maybe she didn_t expect to literally be covered in cum at the end of the day (sorry _bout getting it in your eyes, Crystal) but she knew today would mark the end of her old life, and the beginning of a new one. And I think that_s exactly why she decided to do this in the first place. Well, we_re glad to help and promote personal growth in a young woman_s life. Just don_t come crying when your friends and family find out, Crystal. Because they will.
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