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From the moment this college cutie walked in the door I knew the only way I could get this aspiring interior designer actress whatever from Pierce College to stop talking about how our place needed her help was to shove my cock down her throat. I would no more let this girl decorate my house than I would let my grandmother dress me. As she blabbed on about her seemingly exciting life, I started to tune her out as I day dreamed and thought about all the perverted things I was about to do to this poor, naive, and unexpecting girl. A self proclaimed movie buff, as she labeled herself, she loves to watch all kinds of movies, from new releases to old black and white classics. So I gave this girl my standard want to be actress rap. I told her that she could fulfill her dream to be an actress in LA if she was just able to get a break in an amateur movie. I explained that all aspiring actresses have to do nude work or things they don_t necessary want to do in order to be noticed. Well, this girl will be noticed all right. Noticed by all her friends and family doing things that any self-respecting young lady would not be caught dead doing Young, dumb, and full of cum is no way to go through life, but this fully exploited college girl will learn this life lesson the hard way. Enjoy, I did
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