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That_s one spunky redhead, our 20 year old Cori. Jumping up and down on the bed and goofing around like she owns the place. Yeah, she_s comfortable with herself, alright. She_s a lot of fun and open to to just about anything. She lets me examine her insanely goegous pussy and doesn_t mind any of our advances. It_s not until a little later until her boundaries get pushed too far. But it_s kinda her fault. You_ll see. See, there_s one problem with girls who think they need to prove their adventurousness to everyone. They push themselves to show off how nothing fazes them, until the point when it does. From Cori_s total coolness about the whole thing you would think that she_s basically a little college whore who fucks a fraternity for sport every night, but pay attention during the interview and it turns out Cori is actually surprisingly...ummm...innocent. Really, she_s the type that teases and flirts, loves to show off her body, and makes you think she_s practically sex on legs. But today is her day to prove herself, and put her money where her mouth is. Or Jay_s cock, rather... and he is is adamant about finding out how hardcore Cori really is. There_s some suprises in store for her. But first... Jay starts his seduction slowly, taking time to let Cori talk about her naughty self, and get undressed. After a few minutes of exploring her ridiculously tight body, it_s time to see how fast and how often Cori can cum. Jay_s pussylicking magic helps, but the vibrator is what puts Cori over the edge and makes her cum so hard that her clit is too sensitive to touch. Now that Cori got off, it_s time to step up the hardcore a bit. Cocksucking time. It all goes very well, Cori enthusiastically sucks Jay_s big _un and he cheers her on to go deeper and deeper. Cori wants you to think of her as the ultimate porn goddess so she deepthroats herself. And then again. And again. She gags and spit and tears are beginning to show as she works Jay_s cock down her throat several times. She just forgot about one thing: her gag reflex. Suddenly realizing she_s pushed herself too far she asks if she could stop sucking for a moment so she can run to the bathroom. But Cori isn_t one to give up that easily. Somewhat recovered, she lies on her back and lets Jay shove his cock deep down her throat. She gags twice and tries for more, but her involuntary body movements push Jay_s cock out of her throat so she can get air. And she keeps doing this despite the fact that she_s clearly not the deepthroat queen she thinks she is. It gets pretty real LOL. Okay, running out of space again here so...missionary rocked, doggy is exellent and makes her cum, she_s crazy wild when she_s on top (nice Picture-in-Picture action throughout the entire thing for ya) and then...oh yeah. The cumshot. Brother, if you love watching a girl_s genuinely surprised reaction as she watches a guy spray a fountain (literally) of cum all over the place, you can_t miss this one. Cori finishes Jay off with a handjob and when he blows, her facial reactions are fucking priceless. Like she can_t believe the amount and velocity of cum shooting out at her. She_s shocked, fascinated, and delighted at once. (She_s not so happy at first when Jay makes Cori lick the cum off his body, but she does it anyway because like most of these girls, she_s got a little crush on the boy). You_ll cum during the slow-motion when you can watch her facial reactions in detail and listen to what she says when he cums. It_s just hot. Okay, outta writing space now, so quit reading and get your jerk-on - Cori_s video is ready for you to download and enjoy right now
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