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I want to know how it feels like when you cum in my butt, Cheree confesses as she contemplates giving this anal sex thing another try. A few seconds earlier, Jay got to pop Cheree_s anal cherry. But her first anal lasted only for a brief moment. Getting assfucked for the first time isn_t always pleasant and Cheree could only handle Jay_s big cock for a minute. But then she remembers reading somewhere that getting sperm in her ass could help her get a juicier booty (not that she needs it). And how does it feel when a man_s pulsating cock shoots hot cum inside her? Cheree wants to find out and she_s ready to give the butt fucking another chance now...This from a girl who wouldn_t even take off her top in the car at first just an hour earlier. Brother, I_m typing this description with one hand. I_m still not done whacking off to Cheree_s video. I_m serious. This is one of the hottest, most hardcore shoots this year. It all starts out pretty cute and tame. Her initial shyness in the car is a turn on and more so when Jay talks her into taking off her top to reveal her itty bitty titties (her words. She_s in an online contest of the same name right now.). Right away you realize this shy girl is just waiting to be challenged, and she gets more than her fair share of that today. I_m surprised how fast she agrees to giving Jay some roadhead (the boy is becoming the master of smooth talk) and you know it means something when even he says she gives the wettest blowjob he_s ever gotten. There are thick strands of saliva when she lifts her mouth off his cock. She looks around to make sure none of the other drivers around them caught her doing the nasty. The smirk on her face tells us she wouldn_t really mind though. Next up is something I need to put a disclaimer on: what Cheree reveals to us now as she gets her make-up done is not something you would expect any girl to say. Ever. She confesses her most intimate sexual fantasy and let me tell you that what she says here today is NOT an invitation for anyone to actually act on. I_m serious. This is just her fantasy. I don_t know why, and it shocked me when I heard her say it. I don_t condone what she says, and I hope her secret isn_t picked up by the wrong people. That_s all I can say here. Just be prepared, okay? Next Cheree picks out her clothing and Jay and her finish the interview portion. By now you will know pretty much everything you possibly would want to know about her. Her sexual preferences, her fantasies, her racial background (Brazilian), and more. If you_re like me, you_re absolutely in love with her by now and you want to watch her fuck and cum on camera. And that_s exactly what_s going to happen for the next hour or so. I already told you that today is the first time she gets assfucked, but watch how Jay manages to talk her into this in the first place. One thing that really helps is getting her off with a vibrator on her clit and a toy in her Brazilian bubble butt. Watch Cheree_s pussy cream up as she gets closer and closer to cumming with that toy in her virgin ass. I bet you blow your first load when you see it. I did. After she cums a few times, her enthusiasm for sucking cock and fucking is just so so. She is still so shy that she avoids looking into the cameras when possible, so Jay decides to spice things up and kick the excitement level up a notch - after fucking her pussy for a while he tells Cheree he wants her to suck her own juices off his cock...where everyone can see. On the patio. During the day. When there are people in the pool next to them. Cheree pracitcally faints and she keeps asking him if he_s serious. He sure is. After a lot of coaxing and bribing, Cheree bravely walks out on the patio to suck Jay_s cock some more, then lets him fuck her from behind. The people at the pool seem oblivious although there are some glances in our couple_s direction. We_re prepared to get kicked out of this hotel again soon, but this scene was worth it. Back inside, Cheree is still shy, and shaking a bit from all this excitement. She enjoys getting fucked doggy style (oh that ass up in the air Hmmmmm) but she has no idea what_s in store for her next. Her first anal. Scary stuff, but it happens. She just doesn_t know it yet. YYu_ll love watching Cheree get assfucked for the first time. I did the Picture-in-Picture thing you like so much - you get to watch Cheree_s facial expressions as Jay shoves his big cock inside her. Get ready to blow again a few times here. After Jay unloads his semen inside Cheree (hey, anything for a bigger ass, right? LOL), it_s time for a cleanup (she needs it) and the goodbyes. I wish Cheree_s shoot would never end, I could watch our Brazilian hottie get nasty all day long. Maybe we will have her back in the future, if she decides to shoot another porn movie. She had a lot of fun, pushed her own boundaries admirably, and I know she_ll have a lot of fans among you after you watch her video. I can_t wait to get your feedback on this one, I hope you love Cheree as much as I do. Download now and let me know. - Steve
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