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We have a particularly nice ASU freshman specimen today. Cassie came here to fuck and make a little extra cash indulging in her pornstar fantasies. I can help with both and am happy to do so immediately. As she is getting ready I_m asking my interview questions but her tight body pretty much ensures that I forget most of what she says. I don_t even let her finish her makeup when I start feeling her up in the bathroom, something she doesn_t mind at all. She says she loves to be eaten out so I put that claim to the test. Sure enough, our little hottie gets off on having her pussy licked. That_s all it takes for me to get hard and ready and I have Cassie get in position to get fucked on the bathroom_s counter sink. Her pussy is already wet and she loves the slightly naughty aspect of it all so we keep going. Since she mentioned she likes rough sex I put that to the test also and once again she meant it. I pull her hair as I bend her over and she goes fucking wild. After letting her show off her BJ skills and some more doggy action I remember: we haven_t officially started yet and she still needs to pick out her clothes. We hurry through that process, do the pics real quick, and then I have her get on the bed. I must get me some more Cassie immediately After a quick undress I ask Cassie to masturbate with the Rabbit vibrator. She_s using that one at home and I want to see how she gets off in her personal life. After some of that I see if Cassie can get off one more time by licking her ass and pussy. Yep, she sure is orgasmic LOL. She_s also a truly naughty one and up for anything, so next I see how she takes the vibrating ass plug. Since she likes the feeling of it in her ass I push the envelope a little further (notice a trend?) and start fucking her, with the plug still in her. At that point I think this is about as hardcore as Cassie has ever fucked, but I up the ante a little and slap her a bit as I bang that tight little 19 year old. Yeah and we_re still not done. There_s still some deepthroating and more rough sex to do... You can kind of gather already that this is another energetic shoot with lots of goodies in it. Cassie just rocks and does absolutely everything I want her to, and she enjoys every minute of it. It_s scary that a 19 year old is so into the harder stuff - and good at it - but I_m not complaining. Neither is Cassie and I hope to get her back in the future. Enjoy -S
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