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When a girl who has just turned 18 has nothing on her mind other than fuck a stranger twice her age on camera and to become a pornstar (hahahahaha) you know something_s up in the mental department. Carly has only had one boyfriend in her life and never experienced an orgasm before. I am her second fuck. Ever. Our tall ASU freshman is so new to the whole sex thing that she hasn_t even figured out her favorite sexual position yet. The girl_s FRESH, I tell you. This is Carly_s very first time ever sucking and fucking on camera, and she_s visibly nervous. She doesn_t know what to say or do, and it_s all quite charming. She is clearly not confident with her body and I do my best to assure her that she_s got it all, to get her comfortable. I_m trying to find out more about her during the interview but I don_t learn anything to explain why she_s so eager to whore it up on camera at her young age. Even the money thing doesn_t seem to be the big factor here. I guess she just likes to please, and get the attention. I make her shave her pussy, and take over razor duties on her ass myself before we get into the pussy exploration part. Since Carly has never had the Big O before I lick her pussy and introduce her to the Rabbit, which usually all but ensures a girl will cum. At first I can_t tell for sure she_s cumming, but she_s wiggling around and her pussy spasms quite a bit while the toy does its magic on her clit and pussy. When her little snatch starts really juicing up I know she_s turned on and I can_t wait to shove my cock in her barely legal pussy. She loves being fucked, her nipples get hard and I feel her little cunt grip my cock tighter and tighter with every thrust. This girl_s having an orgasm At that point I feel I_ve done my good deed for the month and now I_m curious about her cock sucking skills. Well, the girl is new and a little awkward with that dick in her mouth at first. But with a bit of coaching she improves, literally, as she_s sucking me. I should have become a sex ed teacher. Well, I guess I kinda am. I can tell that I am only the second guy to bang her, that pussy is so rediculously tight I could blow my load in a second, especially once I fuck her from behind. Since she doesn_t know any better she doesn_t protest when I fuck her really hard, to the point where it starts to hurt. I let her pussy recoup a bit while I change my cameras around. Now it_s time for Carly to ride my cock. She_s attempting to do that stupid pornstar moaning thing again (yeah, because we all like that, apparently...) while trying to not let the pain show on her face too much. No matter, I keep ramming my cock in her while she_s riding on top of me. After I_ve had enough I decide to push her even further: after a bit more cocksucking I make her lick my ass. Her reaction is priceless and she_s beyond disgusted. But she_s a big girl now who does anything to please so she_s gotta do it. And she does. She does it so well in fact, I shoot my cum straight in her mouth after she tongues my ass for a few minutes. Carly doesn_t pully away and just lets me squirt my jizz in her mouth until I_m finished. Then she swallows it all. She says she can_t taste cum anyways so she doesn_t mind swallowing. Good girl 18 years old, zero experience in life, and willing to do anything for attention. That_s Carly for ya - Enjoy
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