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Exploitedcollegegirls.com- Candise - Behind the Scenes

I feel your pain: the economy, Conan leaving, the iPad, our government, the constant pushing back of our favorite TV episodes in favor of gems like that one show where fat people cry for joy about losing five pounds - all are letdowns that could make one think this world_s going nowhere but down. So I am proud to say that here at Exploited College Girls things are looking way, way up. Take today_s center of our attention for example 19 year old Riverside Community College student and now part time whore Candise is a real positive side effect of this mess. Candise is hot enough to not have to do porn, but is also desperate for money (and curious about sex) enough to do it anyways. For now at least because, as she tells us, she is planning on getting a bunch of tattoos and fake tits in the future. So this is probably the first and last time you will see her this way - pretty, hot, with perfect 34Bs, and looking like a human. I_m really glad I got a hold of her before this body mod freak show begins because, at the present, Candise is something special. She_s into horses and dirt bikes and all that stuff but the really juicy bits are coming after I get her naked in the car and relaxed enough to reveal her most intimate secrets. It just keeps getting better from there. Lots of deeply personal revelations from Candise during the Behind the Scenes so do check that out to really get to know her and learn about the kinky shit she_s been doing. With a slutty mom to compete with, and a few chips on her shoulder, it_s no surprise Candise is a teen-age sex freak. I can_t get into every detail in this paragraph here but I can tell you right now that yes, she does everything I want her to. She_s a bit hesitant with a few things at first but...you know...money talks. She craves attention and you can tell she lives for showing you how kinky and hot she is sucking cock and getting fucked on camera. And she_s very good at it, too, very enthusiastic and skilled for her young age. I_m sure Candise wants to be a real pornstar one day and if she didn_t make stupid choices all the time (a fucking tat sleeve???) she could be. Candise likes really rough sex, even begs me to pull her hair harder as I fuck her from behind like a mad man. It really gets quite extreme at some point and I_m surprised this seemingly wholesome hottie is going this far. It just confirms it, they_re all little _ at heart. Yes, I absolutely love it, and so will you. There really are no secrets with Candise - she_s open and honest about everything, to the point where even I_m thinking this generation is going to hell. Well, I might as well help accelerate that process, right?
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