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This week a proper spinner named Brittney, a 5_2 teen with a pussy so tight that it takes me by surprise and I barely manage to pull out before I bust an epic nut all over her from stomach to face. Her pussy is so amazing, after I cum I stick it back in and fuck her more until it ends with a possible unfortunate accidental insemination. I probably shouldn_t have bragged last week so much about not having any child support in my future.I found Brittany through a little networking with other ECG girls and I am sure she_s right for the site about the time she was telling me the story of banging one of her girlfriends with a strap on, a girl she charmingly refers to as one of her bitches. As we talk, Brit explains that I_ll be very happy when I finally get her naked as her pussy is just right. I urge her to peel off her pants and prove it as we drive. Turns out she_s right, from what I can see, she_s got a very delicious looking pink puss. I_m impressed by her sassiness and when she gets her panties off I slip my hand between her legs, but she_s not much of an exhibitionist so I head for the location.Once we get to the room I don_t waste time getting her naked and with good reason, her body is amazing. From perky little B cup tits to her just right pussy, this girl is one tight little package. She_d told me that the only way she can get off is by having her clit stimulated, so I go right for it first with my fingers and then with a toy which she REALLY likes. She seems a little too nervous to cum, so I switch it up and have her suck me off for a bit. She_s very talented and has great natural deep throat skills, swallowing me up to the balls with ease.I get her on the bed in preparation for some serious, extensive long term pussy pounding fucking. I_m thinking that this girl_s body is so fine and that pussy so tight and creamy that I am probably going to fuck her so long and hard that I_ll need to change tapes in the cameras. Anywho, maybe I over thought this a little because before I know it, I_m blowing a huge load and coating this girl in jizz from her face to her puss. So, production note to myself: don_t over think this shit.I_m still hard as a rock so I keep fucking her and she loves every second of it. When I_m finally done her pussy is a creamy mess of her cum and mine. Which reminds me to have the uncomfortable birth control talk with her. Good news, though She knows what the morning after pill is for Bullet dodged Bottom line: tightest little pussy I_ve had in a long, long time. She really brought it out of me, and by it I mean jizz. I am definitely going to try to convince her to come back so I can more of her on camera, including some anal.
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