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19 year old U of A sophomore Bella is going to get the self-entitlement fucked out of her today. You know the type, thinks she_s too good to get her hands dirty (LOL) and wants to be treated like a princess at all times. Everything on a fucking silver platter, ya know? Our spoiled latina (her Colombian accent = super hot) has never done anything remotely porn related before, and I will eat my hat if this girl ever wants to set foot on a porn set again. She probably thought today was going to be some bullshit glamor shoot, with pretty lights and big cameras, at a nice mansion, and with a crew catering to her every whim. What she got instead is a lone guy in a hotel room with some construction lights, a face full of cum, and a mind full of regrets. Jay does his best to tease and flirt with her to get her comfortable, and for a while Bella takes his bait. She is understandably nervous, and her guard is up, but in between picking out her panties, and wolfing down a sandwich, we learn enough about her to know that being here today is probably the worst decision of her life. Bella makes it a point to clarify that she_s a good girl, and she acts all prudish and shy when anything related to sex is mentioned. It all starts out so nicely though, Bella gets to cum using her own vibrator she brought from home, and she enjoys the attention Jay lavishes on her. She almost feels guilty or ashamed after she orgasms, and over the course of the next hour you_ll watch her attitude drop from excited to overwhelmed and end up at totally pissed off. Beyond making herself cum, Bella is shockingly inept at sex. Why? It_s hard to put in words but I think she_s the kind of girl you_d rarely get to have exciting sex with in real life even if she was your girlfriend because deep down she thinks sex is dirty and only something you do to make babies. It_s a cultural thing no doubt. So if it wasn_t for porn, Bella wouldn_t be doing half the stuff she_s doing today. She clearly hasn_t before. She does enjoy Jay_s cock for a while but it is admittedly a bit big for a girl who hasn_t exactly been sleeping with a lot of guys before (she just lost her virginity not too long ago...). My favorite part is when she almost has a panic attack when she can_t open her eyes because of all the cum covering her. Our pissed off diva doesn_t even want Jay to film her take a shower in the end, she_s fucking done with all of this sex stuff. I_m closing this door - WHAM. There_s also a nice outtake at the very end that shows how clueless she is about her own body. So lots of funny and interesting moments of FAIL with this girl today. She_s a one-and-done, for sure.
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