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Even the librarian types need to unleash their inner whores sometimes. Okay, Megan Fox this girl is not. But Autumn has got enthusiasm going for her. I_m not all that surprised when she told me she lost her virginity at 20, and even less surprised when she doesn_t want to show me her tits in the car. Autumn is not that kind of girl and comes from a rather religious family... but just wait a few minutes. Because in a way she_s just as slutty as the rest (points for that), she just needs to warm up a bit. She realises her...ummm...look is deceiving and she talks about how she just likes to fuck hard and without all that foreplay stuff, doesn_t get enough but of course only by choice (LOL), and so on. I_m not exactly convinced at that point and all I can think is you wish, girl - but she changes my mind completely once we_re at the hotel. She says she likes watching porn to masturbate to so I let her browse Exploited College Girls for a while. Autumn seems to indeed enjoy watching the girls give me head on video, and she_s starting to get wet as I finger her pussy a little. And then BOOM That_s her button. She_s ready and she asks me to get her that Rabbit vibrator we had talked about earlier. It_s her first time with it and she_s in love. Watching our little librarian masturbate with the toy and working towards an orgasm, I can_t help but get hard. I tell her to suck me while she fucks herself and she does, glasses on, vibrator in her pussy, and stealing glances at the porn playing on the laptop. Okay, I was wrong. She_s indeed as naughty as the rest. I make her get up and bend her over the desk. She_s doesn_t hesitate at all and just lets me fuck her doggy style all I want. She said earlier she_s loud when she fucks and it_s true. It_s a miracle hotel management doesn_t kick us out right then. She wasn_t lying when she said she likes to be fucked hard and be dominated, either. She takes the choking, ass fingering, and hard fucking with enthusiasm and the harder she gets fucked the more her little spectacled librarian face lights up. She cums quite often, too. So great shoot overall, lots of surprises here with this one. I_m used to eye candy, sure, and this could_ve been a disaster. But - luckily - looks can indeed be (very) deceiving...
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