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Ashton was sent over by her friend Maggie, who had just appeared here on ECG (and will again...). What Maggie doesn_t know is that Ashton has the hots for her. Like, bad. More on that later. Ashton doesn_t want her parents to know what she_s up to so she has me pick her up at a gas station a few blocks away from her house. As we_re driving to my hotel she reveals to us that she_s been mostly into girls and has fucked a lot of them (the number WILL shock you). Guys...not so much. I_m number four or five, which I guess is pretty average for a girl her age. But other than that there really isn_t anything ordinary about Ashton. She says she_s starting to like guys again and what better way to make sure cock is the right choice for her than do a fuck flick with a guy who_s fucked a small town worth of girls, right? This chick is fun, loud, and unlike the majority of girls, should totally be doing this. This is her first time ever on camera (well, she does have those home made sex tapes with her ex boyfriend...)and she admits in the end how nervous she was when she first got in the car. Ashton explains she is very dominant with girls, but when she fucks guys she is up for being dominated. Like a lot of girls she claims to cum easily but unlike certain ladies, Ashton isn_t lying - this girl cums and cums throughout the shoot. My cock gets covered with her pussy cum on more than one occasion, as she happily points out. She cums when I lick her pussy and ass, when I fuck her, and again when she_s on top. If you like watching girls orgasm, this one_s gonna be your new favorite video. There_s no whining or bitching about anything, not even when I tell her to rim me out a bit. Ashton loves everything about sex and it shows. So back to the whole Maggie thing. After I bathe Ashton in cum we get dressed, and she reveals that she is in love with Maggie and finds her super hot. She wants to see her Exploited video so I fire that up for her and let her watch it in the car as we drive back to where I picked her up. She can_t stop talking about how she loves Maggie_s little titties, her tiny ass, and how she wants to have sex with Maggie. I think I can facilitate that. I_m thinking threesome with Maggie and Ashton. Maybe not even tell Maggie about it beforehand. What do you think?
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