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In the mood for a sexy, busty, young Latina today? Well, right along here, kind Sir. You_re welcome. 19 year old April is a late bloomer, having only lost her virginity at 18 due to her ultra strict parents_ constant interference. Now that she is legal (and away from home), April decided to not only explore her sexuality but do so in the most public manner possible: shoot porn with a stranger. I_m the first one bestowed this honor but I have a feeling April isn_t done doing the nasty on camera - she_s just too hot not to do porn, she likes to be treated like a princess (her words, not mine) and lives for the attention. Plus she gets to be naughty and give her parents the middle finger, so that_s a plus. We do a quick Q _n A while April picks out her outfit for the shoot, and she reveals the kinky stuff she likes. Let_s just say for that a girl who just started to have sex, there_s some crazy things she_s into. We then go straight into doing the still photos. You can tell she_s pretty nervous and a bit awkward at first, but she tries her best to smile and look hot while I have her pose, spread, and demonstrate that crazy hot legs-behind-her-head thing she_s so proud of. April_s look, skin tone, that hint of a sexy accent...everything about her is a huge turn-on but I manage to keep it together until I get her on the bed and we begin the video. Now I get to unwrap, touch, and explore April_s great tits and shaved pussy in detail and as I get close I notice this chick even smells good. It_s not fragrance either, her pussy emits a sweet smell that makes me want to dive in and lick my way deep inside her. And so I do. April likes it but I can_t seem to get her over the edge to cum yet...until I start licking her ass. Boom April starts squirming and tells me she likes that. A lot. I hold a vibrator to her clit while licking her ass and April has a body-shaking orgasm (watch April cum from all three camera angles, back to back). So that_s one. While she recuperates I grab more toys from my arsenal in hopes of getting our Latina babe off one more time. The first one doesn_t do it for her but when I grab the Rabbit vibrator, April_s face lights up. Oh yeah, our girl likes to masturbate (usually with just fingers though) and she_s familiar with the Rabbit. Can I get her to orgasm one more time? Watch and find out. April is still playing with herself as I get the cameras ready for the next segment: It_s blowjob time, and let me tell you, April_s eyes on you while she has your cock in her mouth is something for the memoirs. Being so new to sexual things, April isn_t into the gagging (I tried) or anything crazy, but that_s okay. I_m not going to push her too hard because I secretly hope I get her to come back one day. Maybe for some assfuckin_, or a threesome. I bang our Latina while she_s on all fours, and while she tries to put on a show for the cameras and look in control, it_s clear she_s having a good time too. If it_s not clear, it will be when I pull out of her and hold my camera to her girl-juice soaked pussy. Good times. Since I made April cum by licking her ass, I ask her to return the favor. So for those who don_t like watching girls give rimjobs, be warned. Because April does it. Really, really well. Without questioning, and just a brief moment of hesitation. What a dirty, dirty girl April is. So dirty that she takes a shower after she made me cum. April showers. (LOL get it?). Okay, another first-timer I_m sure will go on to do great things, either on camera, or with a lucky boyfriend (currently she_s single, gentlemen...) at home. I don_t know how I got to be so lucky but I_m not complaining. Neither will you when you watch April_s video. Enjoy
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