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Brothers, today I present you with one of the most enthusiastic little fucks in ECG history - Amber Our mixed race ASU sophomore is the Holy Grail of super sweet and ultra, ultra dirty. I_m still recovering from this event but the gist is that Amber is a real pleaser, with an attitude pretty much unmatched, an ass you can bounce a quarter off of, and an odd desire to gag herself on my cock until buckets of saliva drip to the floor and her eyes fill up with tears. That_s right, Amber does this to herself. A lot. Hot doesn_t even begin to describe the shoot with her. Needless to say there is absolutely nothing Amber won_t do, and she is fucking amazing at everything. I don_t think I_ve had my ass licked that much and that good in, well, probably ever. And there_s no coaxing or bullshitting with her - I tell her or even just hint on what I want and she_s down. Unbelievable. This chick is positively nuts. I start off nice and slow when she shows up, doing the photos and all that shit to get her comfortable. This doesn_t take long though because as Amber says, she is extremely comfortable being naked (and then some). After letting her do a little masturbation show for you while I set up my gear upstairs, it_s time to unravel this crazy girl Steve-style. The interview reveals Amber to be fun, quirky, and pretty smart for her age. That_s usually not a good sign, the brighter they are the less I usually get away with. But I won_t have to worry about that as I_m soon finding out. After the obligatory pussy exploration I have to taste Amber a little and sure enough, the girl_s all for having her snatch and even ass licked by me. She_s starting to really juice up and I know this is gonna be a good time with her. Naturally she takes a liking to the Rabbit, but she really gets going when I lick her asshole while she fucks herself with the vibrator, and even more so when I make her suck my cock while using that toy on her. I can see her cunt juices soak up the vibrator, and I_m so ready to stick my cock in that little snatch. But I compose myself and figure Amber needs to demonstrate her BJ skills some more. This is where it gets crazy. Amber literally gags herself on my cock to the point where even I_m feeling (almost) bad for her. When a young hottie does this shit to herself you know you_ll get away with anything else you want. And sure enough, she_s up for more gagging and deep throating, and has zero problems rimming me out, too. When she starts screaming so loud the room is practically shaking I think it_s a bit much but it really seems this is how Amber just likes to fuck. Loud, fast, and very hard. She_s equally into getting fucked while she_s on her back, and on her knees. When I do my thing where I pull her hair while fucking her doggy style her pussy is practically milking my cock dry and I can barely contain myself. She really, truly loves to be fucked hard. I have Amber suck me off some more and then of course stick her little tonge back into my ass, where it belongs. So fucking good I have her stop just before I_m about to pop and make her straddle my cock. It_s cowgirl time and once again Amber is all up for getting fucked hard. I_m amazed at what her little body can handle, seriously. Since she_s so good at rimming me out I finish off by having her lick my ass again, deep tongue and everything. I manage to shove my cock in her mouth at the instant I_m unloading my cum load and her eyes are practically popping out of her little head as she keeps swallowing every stream of jizz. When it_s all over I can barely walk or talk but when she tells me she_s really enjoyed being fucked hard like that I_m thinking: this crazy kid needs to come back soon If there_s such a thing as a perfect shoot I think this one_s it. This may very well be the best fucking hour and a half you_ll spend online this year.
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