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Ditz alert 18 year old Amanda from Louisiana State University pretty much believes anything I tell her. She doesn_t think much for herself which comes in handy when it_s time to lick my ass and do all the other loving things to her you know me for, but I gotta tell you meeting somebody that naive is kinda shocking, even in my position. Her Southern accent is adorable though. And her tits, 100% real by the way, are fucking unbelievable. I don_t know what it is with Amanda but I had to fight back cumming too soon quite a bit with her. When I finally unleash on her face I shoot one of my biggest cum loads yet...half of it in her eyes. It_s no secret Amanda is letting herself be put through the paces by me for the money. She actually prefers girls (oh the stories...do not miss the BTS video) and said she needs the money to pay for college. LSU ain_t cheap. Hoorah for our overpriced education system
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