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I love sex WAY too much... There is no such thing, Alexa - especially when you come to Exploited College Girls. We love watching girls cum And as you_ll appreciate, Alexa is a cum fiend. How does this feel soooo good??, she keeps asking, especially after having her little ass licked for the first time. Alexa is not a newbie to sex, has had more than her fair share of casual hookups, and in fact has tried some webcam work before to supplement her income. I can see her do porn on a regular basis in the future, but as of right now, this is Alexa_s very first video having sex. She hasn_t even filmed herself before, as she admits. We learn all about the girl as she puts on her makeup, and her open temptress attitude just gets me going. I start feeling her up while she tries to fill out the modeling paperwork, and she_s not exactly opposed to get this started. I keep it in my pants for a few more minutes while I eat her out on the bed. Good move because Alexa has her first orgasm from it. After that I have her demonstrate her oral skills on me. Result? I actually cum I_ve not cum from just getting head in like ages so this tells you how good of a cocksucker Alexa is. I cum in her mouth and she_s not fazed one bit. She loves to receive head, and I_m in a giving mood today, I lick her asshole and she goes absolutely nuts for it (Picture-in-Picture. Let me know if you like this), then have her masturbate for us with a toy (more orgasms), then eat her ass some more.. I want to see if she can deepthroat so I have her suck me a bit more. She_s not as hardcore as I thought she would be and has a real hard time sucking down my cock all the way. She_s so good though that I_m about to blow again. I throw her on the bed and do what I_ve been wanting to do ever since our 19 year old sexpot set foot in my hotel room - fuck the shit out of her. During the interview she said she likes rough sex, and told us about times when she got choked, and slapped, and love it. I_m repeating these action here for your and my enjoyment. Alexa wasn_t lying, she creams up as I fuck and slap her. What a naughty, naughty girl. At this point a warning: if you like _em quiet and shy, turn down your speaker volume. Alexa is fucking loud. She screams and moans and orgasms all the way to the end. As you will see, her orgasms are real so I can live with when the walls occasionally shake from her outbursts. We finish up with a handjob, but that_s not really cutting it. I think I can squeeze some more naughtiness out of her and ask her to lick my ass. Maybe she remembered how good it felt when I did it to her, or maybe she_s just that dirty, either way she immediately goes to town and sticks her tongue deep in me. I cum in her mouth a second time. Sometimes I just can_t believe how dirty our girls are these days. Alexa is just pure sex, lives it, breathes it, and is damn great at it. Pure enthusiasm during the entire shoot. There_s no whining, and the word no is not in her vocabulary. Alexa is the perfect girl LOL. Enjoy - Steve
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